We specialize in pawn loans for those in need here at Friendly Lenders.

Bring in an item/items of value and get it appraised for a loan. We’ll loan you cash money based on your collateral at an interest rate of only 25%.

Then just come back within 30 days to pick up your loan, or pay the 25% interest rate to extend the loan for another 30 days if you need more time. It’s a quick and hassle-free way to get that little bit of extra money you need to get you through a bad situation.

On jewelry loans greater than $100 we offer a unique special of only 10% interest on your loan. Or alternatively, if you do a loan on a motorcycle, snowmobile, or quad, greater than $500 you will also pay only the 10% interest on top of what you borrowed. This is a special deal that Friendly Lenders gives to its valued customers that sets us above the competition.


come and store your motorcycle with us

If you need a place to store your bike for the winter months, or just a place to keep it year round we can accommodate your needs. Our basement storage area is highly secure and heated all throughout the year. You can have full access to your bike during store hours.

Want to take your bike for a quick ride and bring her back later? Not a problem. You can take it out for the day and bring it back the next, or even a few days later and we’ll just put your storage on hold until you bring it back. We’ll do what it takes to see to your needs so you can enjoy the biking season.

Storage fees are $50 per bike per month. We can also accommodate quads for an extra fee.



As a further service to our motorcycle riding customers we also offer bike moving/towing. Our staff will come to you and pick up your bike, taking it wherever your bike needs to go.

You can have your bike moved anywhere within the city of Edmonton for the low price of only $80. Outside the city limits will be priced on a case-by-case basis. Call us at our store at 780-428-6724 for a free quote or to make arrangements for pickup.